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Five-Step Downsizing System

Step: 1

CONSULTATION:  What is your vision?

·We begin with an in-home consultation.

·We strategize and dig in deep to learn more about you, your vision, expectations, time frame, and project budget.

·I provide ideas, inspire you, answer questions, and offer recommendations and solutions to your design needs.

·We agree to move forward with a Letter of Agreement and Retainer.

Step: 2

MINIMIZE:  What do and don’t you need?

·We carefully evaluate items to remain and items are to be donated, gifted, sold or discarded.

·I organize the minimizing process - systemize measurements, photographs, and distribution of furnishings for client DIY or professional organizers.

Step: 3

DESIGN:  What items are new?

·I photograph and measure the space and document your furnishings and accessories.

·I strategically integrate current furnishings with new curated items and create an inspirational style board that brings your vision to life.

·We determine your color preferences and items needed.

·A floor plan is created illustrating placement of furniture.

·Items are priced and a budget is submitted for approval.

Step: 4

SUPPORT:  Who is helping with the move?

·I make available referrals of reliable sources who will assist with the transition such as professional organizers, movers, storage and donation facilities, consignment dealers, estate sales companies.

·You contract with vendors directly and supervise on your own.

·Once you have contracted with vendors, I can assist oversee the entire process of minimizing, moving, and allocation of items.

Step: 5

TRANSITION:  How does it get done?

·I order all new furnishings and coordinate tracking details – taking this stress and time-consuming task off your hands.

·You have the option to purchase directly from retailers with links provided but you are responsible for the follow-up.

​·We review the punch list and address any deficiencies.

·Installation and interior styling occurs once all furnishings are delivered.

Let's chat on the phone to learn about who you are and your needs to better understand how best to serve you. I will answer questions as to my process and approach. We'll then set up a time to meet in person for a complimentary half-hour consultation. If during that meeting you'd like to go deeper into questions and solutions, a consultancy fee of $150 per hour applies. 

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