Down​​​​sizing Made Easy

Design solutions for beautiful transitions

Thinking about making a change in lifestyle?

How do you make the transition from this chapter of your life to the next?

How do you decide what to take with you?

How do you make the best use of space in your new home?

How will it ever get done?

I can help.



CONSULTATION: We establish the vision for your future lifestyle, set goals and a timetable.


DESIGN: We work through your current possessions, so that only what you need and love moves with you. We come up with beautiful, functional and efficient design options that reflect your vision for your new home.


TRANSITION: Reliable resources are referred to assist with the multiple phases of transition. Personal guidance and support is available throughout the entire process.

I founded Room Renaissance with the sole purpose of offering interior design solutions to clients who are downsizing from their homes in New York City.

Renaissance is the essence of change, revival, and renewed opportunities for artistic expression. It’s a time to explore new desires and pursue the new lifestyle you’ve longed for. And if the need to downsize is required by necessity, it’s a time to embrace change rather than resist and know that ‘less is more’ and ‘simple is better.’  A simpler life and less clutter allows for more focus and freedom of expression. But it doesn’t mean you have to let go of the cherished possessions and memories that enriched your life. Keeping what’s important and adding the right new design elements to your new home is the secret to a successfully downsized home.

“Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold” is an adage that holds true to downsizing. Creating a balanced design for your new home between the old and the new is important to who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re headed. I will help you integrate new design elements that will make your new home feel familiar and refreshing. 

Transitioning from a larger home to a smaller one can be stressful as you determine how to create a new living space with limited room for furniture, accessories, personal items and collectibles. You don’t have to do it alone.     I can help.

Downsizing is a major life event. It makes sense to get help from an interior design strategist and downsizing specialist who can assist with a stress-free transition while creating a beautifully designed home that suits your lifestyle.

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"Debra is amazing! Her taste and aesthetic are impeccable and she is an absolute joy to work with. I hired her to help me downsize from a house and decorate my new condo - I could not have done it without her, furnishing an entire new apartment is a daunting task. She helped me every step of the way with great ideas and was always respectful of my budget. I wake up smiling every morning when I look at my beautiful new home."   Susan Chazin


All photos represent interior design projects by the Principal and Founder of Room Renaissance.

Photography by Debra Del Toro-Phillips ©all rights reserved.