A Fashionista and Social Worker Rolled into one...

Debra Del Toro-Phillips, Principal

Life has been full of change and reinvention, but there are some things that have remained constant—my passions for color and design – organization and clarity – and understanding human psychology.

And though elements of these passions have been expressed in each of my different careers – from working for major brands in the fashion industry, to social work, to starting a bi-lingual greeting card company – no role has brought my passions together. Until now.

My career started in the fashion industry. The extensive experience in working with fabrics, patterns and color gave me the ultimate merchandiser’s eye. This enables me to achieve the client’s vision in the most creative yet cost-effective way. Working first with pieces that are available and then with items and accessories that will complement them. My goal is always beautiful design combined with practical functionality.

The challenges of downsizing, I have faced myself. The struggle of translating 25 years of family life from a larger home into a smaller one is emotionally and physically draining. Having moved multiple times—nine times in the past 18 years—while simultaneously organizing the moves of countless friends and family members, I thoroughly understand all of the facets involved in making a new space feel like home. All of these experiences have brought me to my career as an interior decorator and downsizing specialist at Room Renaissance.

Room Renaissance is based in New York City where I assist and advise clients in all phases of their downsizing journey with an emphasis on design, customized to my clients individual tastes, I offer meticulous management and emotional support to navigate such a significant change. 

Downsizing is a catalyst for discovering new opportunities, passions, people, and all elements of life which I look forward to and want to help you discover in the most seamless way.

I'm a practical "creative" with a keen sensitivity to my client's needs.

I put myself in their shoes and create their vision - it's simple!   

Your vision. Your tastes. Your needs.

  My Values

Embrace Change

Organized, Detailed, Timely

Impeccable Communication

Client Focused

Honesty and Integrity

Assist Clients Navigate Life's Transitions

Flexibility and Open Mindedness

Less is more

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